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What is Hair Drug testing?
Hair testing is the most accurate and effective method of finding users of drugs of abuse. Using a small sample of hair cut at the scalp, hair analysis evaluates the amount of drug metabolites embedded inside the hair shaft. Analysis of hair provides a much longer “testing window,” giving a more complete drug-use history going back as far as 90 days. Hair testing does not provide evidence of current impairment, but rather only past use of a specific drug.

Can Hair testing be beaten?
The test provider has not found any adulterants that can beat the test at this time. Moreover, the risk is minimized because every collection is directly and easily observed. Bleaches, shampoos and external contaminants (i.e. marijuana smoke) have no known impact on test results. The testing method measures the drug molecules embedded inside the hair shaft, eliminating external contamination as a source of a positive test result. Hair testing results cannot be altered with shampoos or other external chemicals.

hair drug testHow are the hair samples collected?
In order to be fair to the donor must have enough hair to repeat assays if necessary. The lab may use head, chest, underarm, leg, or face hair for collection.

Is Anonymous Hair Testing Possible?
Yes, as with many other tests Hair Testing can be taken anonymously.

Can hair collected from a brush be used?

Yes, the test will be reported as having an “anonymous” donor.

Valid and Admissible in Court. local labs take Hair Follicle Test samples under strict Chain of Custody Procedures. The Test is conducted by SAMHSA, CAD and CLIA certified labs. Test results are court defensible.

The following hair test are a sample of local lab offers:

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7 Panel Hair
10 Panel Hair
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Basic Date Rape Hair
Comprehensive Date Rape Hair
Unkown Substance Hair
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